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We have been organizing various custom projects towards Japanese corporations as well as Japanese individuals.  A quick summary of services we can provide is bulleted below.


  •    Convention support in US

  •    Coordinating show business ventures in Las Vegas

  •    Back of the stage tour arrangements of Cirque de Soleil shows

  •    Employee training purposed study abroad programs

  •    Pilates certification program issued by University of Nevada

  •    Human body dissection training at University of Hawaii

  •    And other many inquiries for various projects.

  •    Japan Inbound  coordinating service

DK Body International Inc. is a Las Vegas based company that supports individual and corporate interests of Japanese companies looking to expand into America. We provide a variety of services that start with coordinating exchange and trainings programs at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), University of Hawaii, and learning state of the art health and wellness techniques in California.  Our planning trips abroad can also include prospective research expansion trips for your small to mid-size company; and this oftentimes includes participation in one of the many conventions held in Las Vegas. Lastly, the cornerstone of our company is planning custom wellness improvement trips to enhance your corporate employee training, leaving your staff revitalized with a new global perspective. 

Note: we are able to meet your individual and corporate needs in detail as our staff is bilingual in English and Japanese. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.






Study Abroad, Training

 At DK Body International (DKBI) we take pride in having the knowledge to expertly expand Japanese businesses in America.  Our specialists coordinate both exchange and training curriculums with a centralized focus on health and wellness in sports industries. Taking advantage of our unique destination location of Las Vegas, NV, our customized programs with companies like Cirque du Soleil, University of Nevada and University of Hawaii. Depending on your choosing, a certificate of completion from either state university mentioned is possible.   

Inviting specialists

Through motivational sessions - much like the ones gaining popularity in Japan - that engage employees, we are able to develop your staffs’ international senses. Furthermore, DKBI can create personalized consulting ideas for each of your events.

Japan-America Business Expansion

Japanese work ethic, creativity and artistry are world renown.  This is why many Japanese small to medium-sized companies garner praise internationally.  As such, with technology ever increasing and thousands of applications created daily, we are hoping to help you utilize these platforms to expand into larger markets. Our mission is to create your American dream!


One of the single greatest advantages of being in Las Vegas is that it is America's mecca for conventions. For those interested in holding booths at events, DKBI can prepare paperwork and provide other administrative assistance that includes but is not limited to arranging translators.


Business Inspections

To meet the demands of international business, you may already be planning the expansion of your company and sending employees abroad for training.  In order for this to become realized, we will support your on-site inspection utilizing our extensive network in numerous locations.

Wellness Businesses

Since WHO (World Heal Organization) presented on Wellness Businesses and American doctors proposed ideas pertaining to their importance, the industry has seen unprecedented international growth.  DKBI knows the value of this industry and continues to expand this market.

Employment Job Listing, career finder

Under our company's philosophy “Making Connections," we offer job opportunities that match your resume with company's looking for individuals with your talents -  including the ability to speak Japanese. We also link you with  long and short term convention coordinators or other personnels to suit your needs. Lastly, a wide range of administrative and human resources tasks and duties are offered to match your individual needs.

* For registration, please contact us using the form below.

Career development

Additionally, we provide career development training by offering classes or workshops to brush up your skills. Those who do not register with us may take these classes or workshops. Employee trainings for corporate clients are also available. These tutorials not only include advanced Excel, Word and Powerpoint classes, but also website building, iPhone seminars, business English conversation classes, customer service English classes, business classes and photography classes.

Feel free to contact us. (Bilingual English and Japanese)



We are the team of Eight English and Japanese bilingual staff who specialize in various projects. 
Our team is highly skilled and each has a unique background that fits seamlessly with our goals.  Further information can be provided upon request.



Kae Etchegoin

President CEO

Heigo Goto

Chief Opportunity Officer

Sayaka Nagatsuka


Pilates Master Instructor

Chie Uekihara

Educational Coach


Yumezo Densaki


Keiko Saito

SF Coordinator

Sales & Marketing


Kanae Nakano


IT Adviser



Terumi Wright

Account manager

Nate Warne

Tokyo Coordinator



Please feel free to contact us by email utilizing the form below.

DK Body International Inc.

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